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762 Malja 21cm 274 Soikea malja 28cm 954 Malja 15cm  
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962 Malja 20cm 446 Amelie malja 29cm   / 396 ilm kuviota smile 29cm 49€ 777 Jalallinen malja 20,5cm 149€  
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980 Malja 28cm 189€ 722 Malja 10cm 270 Malja 23cm  
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272 Venemalja 29cm 384 Malja 30cm 792 3-jalka malja 20cm  
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744 Malja 20cm 951 Malja 15cm 725 Jalallinen malja 16cm  
toka007.jpg pic161.jpg pic057.jpg  
968 Malja 20cm 780 Malja ruusu 30,5cm  / 782 25,5cm 876 Malja 20cm  
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Smile malja 396 Malja 29cm 49€ 386 Ovaalimalja 25cm 874 Joutsenmalja 12cm  
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414 Aaltomalja 962 3-jalkamalja 250 20cm / 255 23cm   /265 28cm  
570 Florale malja 20cm 28€/    572 Florale malja 36cm 79€